Calling all dads! Do you want your son to be excited about books? Calling all 8-12 year old adventure-seekers!

Are you ready for an adventure with Dad? Enter the world of Arctic Land where you are the main characters in this interactive reading experience! Two years ago, the world’s Greatest Adventure Discovery (GAD) Team vanished and among them is Grandfather. You could continue waiting, but why? You’ve earned the Survival Essentials Medallion, and the Rocket Boat is ready for launch. Strap in, and get ready to discover secret passages, encounter dragons, solve riddles, escape the Viking Squad, and race against time. But calamity and the unexpected will turn this adventure upside-down, leaving the two of you in the battle for your lives. Destiny is calling. Prepare yourselves for mystery, suspense, and laughter as you go on this Dadnamics in Reading and DiR Interactive adventure!

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