As a companion to the book, Fairytales Do Come True, this Study Guide will help you to dive into the Word of God and take a deeper look at what the Bible says about Christian dating. After reading each chapter, answer the questions and journal your thoughts as you follow Emily on her journey of pursuing God in all areas of life. In this Study Guide, you will…

  • Discover pitfalls to avoid while dating
  • Answer the question, “Is waiting on God worth it?”
  • Pinpoint the dangers of dating a non-believer
  • Fine tune your standards of purity
  • Define the qualities you desire in God’s perfect match for you -Avoid the temptations that are still real in Christian dating
  • Experience redemption and grace after making mistakes
  • Realize you are worthy to have God’s Best for your life!
  • And much more!

Join this Fairytale Revival because… Fairytales Do Come True!