After reading this book your marriage will never and can never be the same! Get in Touch: The ABCs of a Strong Christian Marriage will take you on a transparent journey of a couple that, even though they had no idea or concept of what a successful marriage should look like, stayed together. With no role models and no example, the lessons they’ve learned, although many of them harsh, taught them to laugh at themselves, become best friends, and totally rely on God. This book will help you take a hard look at how you and your spouse approach your marriage, how you’ve formed your expectations of each other, and why you do the things you do. With this A to Z guide, you will be able to expand your relationship skills by identifying things that you may or may not be doing that cause challenges in your marriage, helping you to make the necessary changes. After each chapter, you will be challenged to have an open, transparent discussion and then create a game plan together that will strengthen your marriage in each area you both have identified. Get ready to laugh, cry, and take your marriage to the next level.