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Two essential tools for every author are 1) a website to sell your book(s), 2) an e-mail system to help build your audience. High Bridge Books offers these services to all of our authors.


Author’s e-mail marketing system (to build your audience)

  • Allows people to subscribe to your e-mail list via your website
  • Assistance with importing e-mail contacts into e-mail marketing system
  • Assistance with exporting e-mail contacts out of Facebook
  • E-mail template setup (i.e. header graphic)
  • Assistance with tracking results of mass e-mails


Author’s website (to connect with your audience)

  • Custom header logo graphic
  • Two custom frontpage slider graphics with 2 graphics (i.e. book advertisement, about the author, etc.)
  • Custom website design (i.e. colors, fonts, etc.)
  • Blogging system
    • Content management system, enabling easy updating and new blog posting
    • Search box & blog category dropdown search
    • Discussion/commenting enabled
  • E-mail sign-up widget, opt-in to receive author’s blog/updates (appears on every page)
  • eCommerce system for handling book sales (allows people to purchase paperback and/or ebook versions via your website)
  • Custom contact form
  • Website domain registration
  • Data hosting
    • A server must be rented to store the data on your website. This service is included as part of the website package.
  • Search engine optimization for every page (helps people find your website in search engines)
  • Google Analytics reports to track blog readership and website pageviews
  • Social media integration with author’s social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and/or YouTube)
  • Regular software updates (i.e. website plug-ins, etc.)
  • Suggested content:
    • Author’s bio & professional headshot
    • Book description
    • Endorsements/testimonies for the book
    • Blogposts/articles related to your book
  • On-going support and coaching


Sample Author Websites w/ Integrated E-mail Marketing System