Book Order Fulfillment & eCommerce Setup/Management


Even if your book hasn't been published through High Bridge Books, we can still manage your orders, ship your books, and setup/manage your e-commerce technology so you can focus on selling books and spreading your message.

With this approach, we're able to drive bulk sales, run custom promo codes (e.g., limited-time 20% discount on your book), have higher profit margins for our authors (compared to the typical print-on-demand arrangement), provide customer data to our authors, make sure our authors don't have to worry about shipping books, and provide real-time sales notifications to our authors.


We can list most books on,,, and more online bookstores ... as well as integrate our e-commerce system with your website.


Here are a few examples of how we set this up for the books we manage:


As with our High Bridge Books authors, we'll send a payment and report to you each quarter as well as provide real-time notifications as your book sales occur.

Sales & e-commerce management
  • Price: 18% of each book sale after discounts and transaction fees have been deducted (e.g., Amazon's fees, credit card transaction fees, etc.)
  • In addition to order fulfillment, this fee also covers the management and reporting of your book sales/royalties.
$25 per inbound shipment
  • Pallet (two ISBNs max per pallet): $30 per month
  • Bin/box (one ISBN per bin): $5 per month
    • Depending on the page count of your book, a bin/box will typically hold 30-50 copies.
Pick and pack
Price included in customer’s shipping cost
E-Commerce setup
  • Integrating e-commerce with author's website: $40 per book/ISBN
  • Book listing on $40 per book/ISBN
  • Book listing on $40 per book/ISBN
  • Book listing on $40 per book/ISBN
    • To be eligible for listing on, the book must be available through a wholesaler. High Bridge Books and most other publishers can help you make this happen for an additional cost.
  • Book listing(s) on other online retailers: $40 per book/ISBN
    • Other online retailers include but are not limited to,,,,,,,,, and more.
    • If you would prefer to use your own ecommerce system, we can still handle order fulfillment for you by integrating your ecommerce system with our shipping software.
Author training
Complimentary access to our Christian Author Academy is included with High Bridge Books' order fulfillment and e-commerce setup/management services ($97 value). This academy includes five hours of video training to help you successfully navigate the book writing, publishing, and sales/marketing processes to share your message with those who need to hear it.