Book Proofreading, Content Editing, and Co-Writing

You may hire us to provide a combination of any of these proofreading, content-level editing, and/or writing services listed above (Levels 1-5). For example, your 50,000-word manuscript may need the following: 20,000 words of “Level 2" editing, 10,000 words of “Level 3" editing, 10,000 words of “Level 4" co-writing, and 10,000 words of “Level 5" ghostwriting.
(Level 1) Final proofreading = $0.023 per word
“Level 1” includes one round of word-by-word proofreading of the entire manuscript that is focused on correcting errors related to punctuation, spelling, word choice, grammar, formatting, and sentence structure.
(Level 2) One round of editorial comments/recommendations (author implements recommendations as desired) plus one round of final proofreading = $0.043 per word
“Level 2” includes one round final proofreading plus one round of editorial comments (averaging approximately 2-3 substantive comments per page) in which the editor makes section-by-section recommendations about how the author can improve the content (e.g., style, flow, and marketability). After our editor has provided a full round of editorial comments, one-on-one editorial coaching time with our editor can be purchased at a rate of $75 per hour to review the suggestions and discuss implementation. The full round of editorial comments will precede the full round of proofreading as proofreading should always be the final step in the editing process.
(Level 3) One round of combined developmental and line editing plus one round of final proofreading = $0.073 per word
In addition to performing one round of combined developmental and line editing plus one round of final proofreading, “Level 3” includes 500 words of ghostwriting (e.g., adding transition sentences, clarifying a concept, etc.), and branding the content of the book. Along the way, our editor will insert comments, making suggestions in case the book may benefit from adding new section(s), developing specific sections further, rearranging sections/chapters, etc.
(Level 4) Co-writing = $0.40 per word
At “Level 4”, we interview you and turn your own words into written content for the book.
(Level 5) Ghostwriting (We research and write the content for you.) = $1.65 per word
At "Level 5", we write the content for you with general guidance provided by you. As the author, you have full control over what gets published.