June 11, 2020

The Painful but Often Necessary Step in Editing

Creating a powerful and effective book or poem requires a key step in the editing process—killing your darlings. This sounds painful, and to be honest, it […]
September 1, 2015

4 Techniques for Becoming a Better Writer

Due to the increasing deficit of attention in our culture, many people are opting to read a well-written book summary rather than reading the entire book […]
August 18, 2015

6 Reasons to Blog Consistently

Consistently writing blogposts has been one of the best habits I ever have acquired. I only wish I would have started blogging sooner. I have found […]
July 31, 2015

18 Steps to Launching a Book Successfully

1. Write your book’s teaser/description. Purpose: This will be used on the back cover, Amazon, etc., and it will serve as your 30-second “elevator pitch” for your […]